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Food Services

Lunch Ordering 

Lunch Orders- Important Information

Pre- ordering lunches is a MUST!


Students Pre-K – 5th Grade

Payment: Parents are able to DEPOSIT funds on the family’s PREPAY account (access through FACTS Family Portal). These funds are used to pay for lunch orders created by the parent.

Students 6th – 12th Grade

Payment: Parents are able to DEPOSIT funds on the family’s PREPAY account (FACTS Family Portal) for the student to access for purchases in Kingsmen Snack Shack. These funds are also used to pay for lunch orders created. Parents are able to view purchasing activity when PREPAY accounts are used.

Kingsmen Snack Shack

  • Only 6th – 12th grade students have the ability to purchase items from the Snack Shack
  • Students can use funds in their PREPAY family account, Cash, or Debit card ($3 minimum purchase for Debit cards)
  • Inventory changes frequently, but always strives to offer a balance of appealing snacks for all
  • Allergens are taken into consideration when choosing Snack Shack inventory
  • If a student forgets a lunch, the Snack Shack carries items that can be purchased during snack time to be eaten at lunchtime

How you place your lunch orders:


  • From RenWeb website> select STUDENT TAB > Select your student’s Name> LUNCHES > CREATE WEB ORDER (top of the calendar) > Scroll to see "Lunch Items for Tuesday 9/3/2019", place your order from the selections by putting a number in the Quantity box. Repeat and continue for EACH day that student wants lunches.
  • When you are done, Go back to STUDENT tab and select your next student's Name> place their order, following the same procedures
  • If you accidentally order 3 Chef Salads, you can correct it by putting a 1 in the Quantity box.
  • When placing your order, RenWeb will generate the charge in the right column • Complete your selections for that day and you will see "Subtotal”
  • You will be prompted to PLACE ORDER when you are finished.
  • Place your orders for the ENTIRE month as ordering will close 
  • Late orders cannot be added!

You are able to PRINT the calendar after ordering that will show you what you ordered, for which student, and on which dates. This PRINT function can be found on the LUNCHES HOME page, at the top right> click the printer icon.

RenWeb APP

  • Open App > Select Student > Lunch > Tap on the Calendar day in which you'd like to place your order > NEXT > Done > to Submit your order, Select > PLACE ORDER Continue this process for each student.
  • Place your orders for the ENTIRE month as ordering will close. 
  • Late orders cannot be added!

If you do NOT select the PLACE ORDER button at the end of your order, your orders DID NOT go through.

NOTE: Students not ordering lunches will need to provide their own utensils, condiments and dressings

Pre-Pay Deposit Instructions

Using FACTS Family Portal, ordering lunches and making payments is easier than ever!

To make a payment, please log into your FACTS Family Portal account: and settle your account. The school code is “CC-NH”.

Once logged in, please follow these steps to find your Prepay account:

· Family

· Family Billing (moved to FACTS) – click on FACTS link

· Prepay Account

· XX/XX school year

· Add funds to “LUNCH” account only


Please add funds to your “LUNCH” Prepay account to pay for lunches and Kingsmen Snack Shack purchases.

Prepay benefits allow you to add funds at any time to your student’s account in order to buy snacks or pre-ordered lunches.

If your student is ill or absent on a day that lunch was ordered in advance, we will do our best to “sell” that meal to another student, but if unable to sell the meal, the charge will remain on the student’s account. If you choose to give that meal to a sibling, or “gift” that meal to another student, please let us know and we will be sure they receive it.

For questions regarding billing & payment

Please contact:

Julie Peterson

Finance Assistant
Concord Christian Academy / 603-228-8888, EXT 303

No outside food deliveries will be received.

Due to COVID Guidelines... 

microwaves will be unavailable for all students.

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