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Creative Arts


Andrew Doan, Director of Creative Arts

Andrew Doan has been involved with Christian education for most of his life as both a student and a faculty member. He has a particular passion to see Christian schools combine biblical theology with a spirit of excellence in the creative arts. He grew up in Colorado and has earned both a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible and a Master of Divinity Degree. He has been teaching since 2002 and has served in Christian schools (large and small) in Florida, Ohio, and New Hampshire. He has extensive experience in public speaking as well as drama and stage productions. He has been directing school plays and programs since 2005 and has written and produced two original plays.

Andrew has been married to Danielle since 2004, and together they have 3 children. Outside of school, Andrew enjoys his work as a part-time grocery delivery driver. He is also an aspiring author and podcast creator whose hobbies include fitness, reading, TV/film appreciation, and cooking.

Creative Arts

Concord Christian Academy provides an environment where students have the opportunity to discover and develop creative talent in a variety of artistic disciplines. We accomplish this by providing instruction and performance opportunities in multiple areas including music, art, and drama.

Art and Music


Art and music classes are available for students in all grades beginning in Kindergarten, and students have many opportunities to display their work or perform at various programs/concerts throughout the school year. At the high school level, students are required to complete one Fine Arts credit.



Drama performance opportunities each year include the Drama Showcase, the Spring Play, and Middle School Summer Drama Camp.




Worship Team


Concord Christian Academy’s Worship Team provides music for our weekly Chapel service. There are opportunities to be a part of the worship team for those gifted singers and instrumentalists from our school whose desire is to serve the Lord through the use of music.

We believe that our worship is primarily for God and to God. Our emphasis will be on singing songs that direct our attention “upward”. We believe worship that exalts God brings an “inward” blessing to His people, drawing them closer to Him as they sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.