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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade


Here in CCA’s Fourth Grade, we have lots of creativity, curiosity…and energy!  Constantly expand our knowledge of the world around us, we learn more about ourselves in the process.  We see God’s order in math, science and technology, and practice the gift of communication that He has given us in speaking, reading and writing. We learn about God and His great love for us and the gift of eternal life He has given us in Jesus Christ. We recognize and study God’s purposeful design and His order in the world around us.  We learn His living Word and how it directly relates to our lives. Inspired by the lives of Christian heroes who have gone before us, we study our past to learn from the good, as well as to gain an understanding of the mistakes that should never be made again. We look at the world around us – from the tiny particles of God’s creation to the stars and planets in the vast expanse of His heavens – and marvel at His works. We explore the gifts of creativity and expression in art, music and drama.  And, of course, we are very active – with time each day set aside for physical education and recess.

In Fourth Grade, we work both together and independently to learn material, share thoughts, and to practice problem solving, communication, and study skills. We energetically participate in interactive activities such as the Egg Drop Challenge, Interactive Book Reports, New Hampshire Commercials, Family Tree Project, and Volcano Fair.  We venture on field trips such as an Autumn Adventure Day at Camp Sentinel, a visit to the New Hampshire State House and Museum of New Hampshire History, and perhaps even a journey up to the beautiful White Mountains.


DAILY Schedule

Penmanship, Technology (typing/coding), Morning Meeting/Bible/Chapel, Math, Snack, Reading/Library/Interactive Story, Spanish/Art/Music, Language, Spelling, Lunch, PE, History, Recess, Science, Study Hall.  (Times and specials vary by day.)


English: Grade 4 Easy Grammar, IXL Language

Bible: Level 4 Purposeful Design, Hero Tales by Dave and Neta Jackson

Math: Level 4 Purposeful Design, IXL Math, Reflex Math (math facts)

Penmanship – Level D A Reason for Writing

Technology – Typing Agent,

Science: Level 4 Purposeful Design

Spelling: Level 4 Purposeful Design

Social Studies: New Hampshire Our Home, supplemented by books about New Hampshire

Literature: Mos Dos Literature Anthology book,  STARS (Strategies to Achieve Reading Success), Sign of the Beaver, The Magician’s Nephew, individual book reports, IXL Language, and visits to our brand new CCA library!

Field Trips: Camp Sentinel, New Hampshire State House, Museum of New Hampshire History, White Mountains (Field trips are subject to change.)

Yearly Bible Emphasis: The goal of the Purposeful Design Bible curriculum is for every student to develop a Christian worldview.  A worldview is that framework from which each person views reality, makes sense of life, and interacts with the world.  The Christian worldview holds that the primary reason for each person’s existence is to love and serve God. People develop a Christian worldview through both the knowledge and application of Scripture.  For this reason, it is essential for students to have an in-depth knowledge of Bible truths, as well as the ability to apply Scripture to their daily life. (From Purposeful Design Bible Curriculum.) We also study a Christian hero each week to see faith in action. These historically important Christians model positive character traits and inspire us with their faith.  

4th Grade Supply List

“Fourth Grade is an exciting year of transition for students.  They are at the point where they begin to take on more responsibility in the learning process.  They are growing academically, socially and spiritually. Questions and curiosity abound as they explore new topics and continue to build on foundations formed in previous years.  They learn and practice new skills that will last a lifetime.”  

Mrs. Susan Stebbins, 4th Grade Teacher