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Third Grade

Third Grade


By year end, successful 3rd Graders will know how to classify a complete sentence by identifying every word and learn parts of speech.  For math, your student will memorize their multiplication tables, master multiplication and division skills, and be skilled at time/money/fractions/basic geometry/basic algebra/place value.  In addition, your student will learn how to creatively write stories, poetry and genres.  3rd graders have Computer Lab, where they learn basic typing skills and discover states, capitals, continents, and oceans.  Students work on science projects such as animal, plants, motion & force, matter, ecosystems & habitats. The big highlight project is our Great American Wax Museum presentation!

DAILY Schedule

Three days a week 3rd graders have PE and Music, two days a week they have Spanish and one day a week they have Art.  Each child is assigned their own computer and engaged in daily computer classes, which utilize a variety of technological methods.


3rd Grade Supply List

"Practice Makes Excellence!!!”

Karen Miller, 3rd Grade Teacher