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Elementary Program



In many respects, the elementary school years are the golden years of learning as children love opportunities to discover, learn new ideas, socially interact, ask questions, and fully engage in the learning process.  Concord Christian Academy desires to optimize the learning experience by providing an extraordinary education with excellence.  

We offer students an outstanding balance of traditional and innovative educational opportunities within the context of a Biblical worldview.  The educational platform draws upon many recognized frameworks for student achievement thus providing a curriculum that is joyful and challenging, stimulating and productive, as well as nurturing with high standards and expectations. As a partner with loving and conscientious parents, Concord Christian Academy offers an education founded upon the Scripture which fosters spiritual development and instills the vision and practice of Christian excellence in academics, character, and service to others.

Students receive a dynamic and balanced core subject curriculum consisting of Bible, reading and literature, grammar, spelling, writing, handwriting, math, science, and social studies. Weekly enrichment classes in computer, art, music, and Spanish are provided with an emphasis on a well-rounded education. Physical Education classes are offered three times per week within a structured curriculum and students participate in the Presidential Fitness Program and Elementary Field Day annually.  Integrated within the core and enrichment classes is the preparation of each student for the 21st century with emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

Quest, the After School Care Program is an optional extension to the regular school day. This quality program is an integral part of a complete education for many families. We have thoughtfully designed the Quest program to complement the philosophy of the school and to support our faith values.




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