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Faculty and Staff


  Name Title
Tracy Albiero Albiero, Tracy 1st Grade Teacher
Michelle Alosa Alosa, Michelle Registered Nurse
Melissa Baglio Baglio, Melissa MS Technology / Special Ed
Tom Cairns Cairns, Tom Safety Director
Sarah Campbell Campbell, Sarah Registered Nurse
Angela Center Center, Angela HS Teacher
Heidi Cook Cook, Heidi MS Teacher
Cailee Crisp Crisp, Cailee MS Teacher
Andrew Doan Doan, Andrew Director of Fine Arts/Teacher/Writer
Cynthia Domenech Domenech, Cynthia MS Teacher
Shane DuBois DuBois, Shane ES Teacher
Carla Duda Duda, Carla Music Teacher
Michala Foster Foster, Michala Special Education
Joanne Frediani Frediani, Joanne Librarian
Cynthia Funk Funk, Cynthia PE Teacher
Rebecca Funk Funk, Rebecca Aide
Maddison Guerrera Guerrera, Maddison Aide
Caleb Holmes Holmes, Caleb MS/HS Teacher
Jessie Huffman Huffman, Jessie K5 Teacher
Tracy Kramer (Vorel) Kramer (Vorel), Tracy Special Education
Tina Landel Landel, Tina HS Teacher
Crystal Lemay Lemay, Crystal Executive Administrative Assistant
Jacob Lippiatt Lippiatt, Jacob 4th Grade Teacher
Wendy Maney Maney, Wendy MS/HS Teacher
Julie Marshall Marshall, Julie HS Teacher
Peter Mehegan Mehegan, Peter Van Driver
Karen Miller Miller, Karen 3rd Grade Teacher
Kathi Mitchell Mitchell, Kathi HS Teacher
Melissa Newell Newell, Melissa HS Teacher
Seth Newell Newell, Seth HS Teacher
Melissa Owens Owens, Melissa College / Career Advisor
Alice Pinard Pinard, Alice Dean of Academics
Nicole Rayman Rayman, Nicole Accountant
Maegan Robbins Robbins, Maegan 5th Grade Teacher
Lori Robertson Robertson, Lori Director of Admissions
Carrie Sandblom Sandblom, Carrie MS/HS Teacher
James Schofield Schofield, James HS Teacher
Carrie Smith Smith, Carrie Director of Athletics
Janell Spurr Spurr, Janell Director of Operations
Rob Starner Starner, Rob Head of School
Susan Stebbins Stebbins, Susan Aide
Jennifer Steinhauser Steinhauser, Jennifer HS Teacher
Mandy Tassias Tassias, Mandy Administative Assistant
Amanda Taylor Taylor, Amanda MS/HS Teacher
Jennifer Thompson Thompson, Jennifer K4 Teacher
Samantha Thompson Thompson, Samantha Office Manager
Bonnie Williams Williams, Bonnie 2nd Grade Teacher
Josh Winans Winans, Josh MS Teacher