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Tuition and Financial Aid



Making Private Education Affordable

Concord Christian Academy seeks to provide its students an excellent education. Excellence in education is costly, yet it must be accessible. We recognize the sacrifices families make to invest in a Christian education for their child. This is why as a caring community, we aim to make our school affordable with generous financial aid packages through a program called Variable Tuition. We make every effort to work with individual families to bring the dream of a Christian education within reach.

Variable Tuition- The algorithm that determines a family’s financial need will remain the same.  However, Variable Tuition offers a more effective explanation of our financial aid package that is available to qualified individuals with unique financial positions.  In addition, the NH Educational Tax Credit Program will continue to offer scholarships for qualifying students who apply through FACTS. 

The following information is required in order for FACTS to process your application:
  • Completed online application
  • Payment of the $40 FACTS agency fee
  • Copy of your last year’s tax return including all schedules
  • Copy of your last year’s W-2’s for both you and your spouse
  • Copy of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.


3% Tuition Discount - CCA is offering a 3% tuition discount for any annual tuition rate, regardless of financial aid if paid in full by July 31st.   

Free Tuition - 4th Child and beyond receive free tuition (not including fees such as enrollment, activity, and sports fees, etc. Siblings must be currently enrolled.)

Family Referrals - We value your new referrals very much.  We will offer a $500 credit towards your existing account balance for every new family that remains enrolled through the first semester with no cap on the number of referral families.

Comprehensive Fee - Fee varies per grade, please see tuition schedule above.

Continuous Enrollment Fee - A non-refundable $150 fee will be billed on February 1st for returning students. New students enrolling after January 4th will be billed at the time of acceptance.

Quest - Quest After School and Summer program are not included in tuition pricing. For more details, please click on the Quest tab under Student Life for more details.

Sports fees - Grades 1-4: TBD; Grades 5-12: $155 per sport


Financial Aid and Scholarships - Should a family desire to be considered, they should proceed with applying for assistance through FACTS, an independent agency with whom we are affiliated. Families will be notified of granted offerings with the provision of a Family Tuition Worksheet.

Additional areas of funding that require separate applications are Children's Scholarship Fund and NH Education Freedom Accounts.

Alliance Program Discounts - (Available to all families and REQUIRED for all families receiving financial aid)
Program Description:  The Alliance is an affiliated organization that exists to undergird CCA by administering the school volunteer program. This volunteer program is designed to help CCA build a thriving school community while helping families reduce their tuition cost.

Commit to serve and log 5 hours (families with 1 student only) or 10 hours (families with 2 or more students) each quarter and receive a discount off of total tuition based on the number of children attending CCA: 

1 Student -      $500

2 Students -    $1,500 (cumulative total)

3 Students -    $3,000 (cumulative total)

4 Students -     Alliance discounts do not apply due to free tuition