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Academic Support



Each student’s unique background, needs, and learning abilities are very important to the faculty and staff at CCA. Beyond the demographic, behavioral, and educational records kept in each student’s files, our faculty and staff regularly meet to discuss any particular concerns and collaborate to find the best practices for a student’s individual needs. CCA holds that each student is intrinsically valuable and as such works to differentiate educational and character development. Should academic or emotional concerns be raised by faculty or parents, appropriate staff will meet with teachers and families to identify the optimal path. Assessment of progress occurs in Administrative Team meetings and Faculty conversations several times every quarter. CCA offers support for special learning circumstances on an individualized basis under the guidance of our Academic Dean and Special Education Coordinator. When necessary, the Special Education Coordinator will provide:

  • Individualized Support: Develop and implement comprehensive ISPs that provide tailored academic, behavioral, and social-emotional support, ensuring students have equal educational opportunities.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with teachers, educational aides, counselors, and administrators to ensure a coordinated whole-child approach to supporting students with diverse needs. Work with the Concord School District to set up special education meetings for testing. 
  • Curriculum Adaptations: Collaborate with teachers to modify curriculum and instructional materials to meet the needs of students with diverse abilities, while maintaining the school’s Christian and educational standards.
Learning Support Services may include:
  • Coordinator for Student Support Services
  • NILD Therapy - National Institute for Learning Differences
  • English Language Arts (ELA) Support Services
  • Math Tutoring and Support Services
  • Counseling and Guidance Support Services
  • Testing and Placement For The Purposes of an Individualized Support Plan