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First Grade

First Grade


Your successful 1st Grader will leave first grade with the ability to read books that are leveled for the beginning to middle of second grade and will write at least 5 sentences in proper form about a given topic. 1st Graders will have learned many of the parts of speech and how to classify basic sentences.  Your child will have a good understanding of counting money, adding and subtracting two digit numbers without regrouping, place value, and measurement.

Daily Schedule

Calendar, Bible, Spelling, Handwriting, Snack, Raz-kids reading program (computer), Free-Choice/Recess, Language Arts (phonics, reading, grammar, journal writing), PE (Mon, Wed, Fri), Lunch, Math, Spanish (Mon, Tues), Music (Wed-Fri), Recess, & Computers.



Bible – Positive Action Bible Curriculum

Math – Purposeful Design

Spelling – Abeka

Phonics – Abeka

Language – Abeka

Grammar/English Made Easy – Shurley English

History – Abeka

Science – Purposeful Design

Handwriting – A Reason for Handwriting

1st Grade Supply List 

"First Graders are a blessing to teach. They are at the ripe age of learning how to be kind and loving to one another.  It’s my honor to lead them in understanding the importance of building each other up by learning to be compassionate and speak kind words to one another.”

Rachael Burrell