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Middle School

Middle School


Excited, energetic, enthusiastic!  These are some of the characteristics of the middle school student.  Capitalizing on these traits, the dedicated, caring, and qualified faculty and staff create a challenging and loving learning environment that is both lively, yet structured.

With Scripture as our guide, Concord Christian Academy partners with parents to help students grow spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally. Our middle school students benefit from a rich, comprehensive, and intellectually stimulating academic program.  The curriculum includes the core subjects of Bible, Grammar, Literature, Writing, Spanish, Geography, American History, Earth, Life, and Physical Science, General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II.  Building upon the academic core are the co-curricular courses such as art, choir, sacred dance, rhythm band, technology, and physical education.  Our S.T.E.M. engineering curriculum for middle schoolers empowers our students to tackle real-world engineering problems using the engineering design process, creativity, and collaboration.

Complementing the rigorous set of academic courses, students develop organization and time management skills, cultivate critical thinking skills, and participate in a wide variety of character shaping extracurricular activities through the arts, sports, student government, and service learning. As our students experience God’s love throughout their middle school years, they learn to love one another, living out Biblical truths, honoring relationships, modeling servant leadership, and seeking unity with classmates and community. Along the way they begin to discover their unique gifts and talents and the plan that God has for their lives. Concord Christian Academy is a community experience, where parents partner with students and staff throughout the school, contributing to a life-time legacy; students are part of the modern day Joshua Generation: while their own lives are being transformed, they are transforming the world in which they live.

New England has a plethora of field trip opportunities that enrich student learning and curricular objectives. Concord Christian Academy avails itself of the multitude of community, regional, and East coast resources that not only provide a vital component to a well-rounded educational experience, but help reinforce and cement learning objectives.

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