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Second Grade

Second Grade


Your successful 2nd Grader will be reading to acquire information and gain understanding, in addition to decoding.  Your student will learn the phonetic sounds and be able recognize them in words and all the main parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions).  All second graders will gain an understanding of addition and subtraction with regrouping, measurements, geometric shapes and angles, fractions, time by the minute, money ‐ all coins, paper money, basic understanding of multiplication and division.

2nd Gr. State Fair Project

Daily Schedule

Bible, Handwriting, Snack, Phonics, Language/Grammar, Spelling, Gym (M,W,F),  Lunch, Math, Recess, Spanish(M,T), Music (W,Th,F), Reading, Social Studies or Science (Tues.), Art (Thurs), Chapel




Bible: Positive Action

Handwriting, Concerned Communications Curriculum

Phonics, Language: Abeka

Grammar:  Shurley Grammar

Spelling, Math, Science: Purposeful Design

Social Studies: Harcourt

Yearly Bible Emphasis: Concentration on the life of Moses and God’s promises!

2nd Grade Supply List

"Second grade is the fine tuning year. We take what they have learned in early grades/years and review for mastery then we aim to transition the “child” into a “student” preparing them to be independent learners.”

Shelby Purtell