Student Life

Student Involvement

There are several events throughout the school year that are focal connection points for our students, families, and community. These events help cultivate the life and spirit of Concord Christian Academy by providing opportunities to form relationships and deepen friendships; celebrate with one another; offer support and encouragement; grow spiritually in our faith; and serve our local community and world at large. We invite you to join us!

Community Events

If our school community does not actively engage in outreach activities beyond our walls with people outside our walls — we miss out on fully experiencing what we believe. Outside our comfort zone, we look to receive from God.

The presence of Christ followers at any type of event – athletic, educational, recreational, service oriented – provides the opportunity for the fulfillment of God’s mission:  to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and others as yourself. Our students, parents and faculty/staff are vessels of that mission no matter where they are.

Here are a few ways we help serve communities:

Making Strides Cancer Walk:  Concord Christian Athletic teams participate in the cancer walk to raise funding and awareness for cancer research. Our students not only walk, but they help tear down and clean up after the event which hosts over 3,500 walkers and raises over $500,000 annually.

High School Service Week:  Getting into the community to serve like Jesus would is the goal behind Service Week. Students serve in various capacities from cleaning up local area camps, to serving meals in a soup kitchen, to outreach on the streets of Boston, to landscaping a church, to helping at a battered woman’s shelter, to assisting with a spiritual emphasis week at a school in Connecticut, to ministering to orphaned children in the Dominican Republic, to sharing in music at an outdoor venue in Nova Scotia.

Gunstock Triathlon and Race Track Clean Up:  Our athletic teams serve at these events in various ways. At the Gunstock Triathlon students help in the transition area, directing the athletes, and helping to keep things organized. A couple of the older students go out in kayaks for support in the swim event. After race events at the race track, students help clean up garbage at the NH Motor Speedway. All monies raised go towards athletic department expenses such as uniforms, transportation costs, referee fees, and facility rentals.

Memorial Day:  As we do on Veteran’s Day, we commemorate those who serve in the military around the world. We have a school float that our families can walk beside in the local Memorial Day Parade which announces our support of those who sacrifice for our freedom every day — the life of one for the many — amazing courage!

Local Outreach Missions:  Throughout the year we highlight various opportunities for our families to assist local non-profit organizations serving the immediate community such as The Salvation Army, Rise Again Ministries (providing clothing and shoes to refugees in our area), and CenterPoint Food Pantry. Generally one of our Elementary or Middle School grades hold a drive collecting non-perishable food items, coats, hats/mittens, or health and beauty aids. They then deliver these items to the ministry, encouraging them in the work they do on behalf of those in need.

The Auction, Race For Education, and Golf Tournament:  Parents, Grandparents and friends of Concord Christian Academy are invited to enjoy these events with us that are held for the purpose of raising funds for special purchases and/or operational expenses.

Family Events

Partnering with the family in the raising of young children to young people is key to what we are about. The training up of children into youth who make decisions based on truth and conviction requires committed parents, teachers, mentors/coaches, and good friendships. Those relationships flourish best with the investment of time and shared experiences. We love the chance to bring families together to celebrate what their students are achieving, and to encourage parents by sharing the beauty we see in their children every day.

Welcome Back Open House and BBQ: Usually held the Friday before school starts on the upcoming Monday, families come and visit classrooms, greet teachers and enjoy a BBQ outside all together. This fun event is sponsored by the school administration and serves as a great kick off to the year ahead.

Homecoming Weekend and Alumni Activities: Typically help in mid to late September, alumni, family and friends are invited to enjoy the various events of Homecoming Weekend. These include soccer games for the teams sprinkled throughout the weekend, a bonfire for the High School, an alumni game and Faculty/Staff game played against current players, Booster Club concessions, Homecoming dance, etc.

Family Nights: Three times a year we encourage families to come out for these special nights where parents can review what their student has been into up to that point of the year. Not only are these informative events, but they also give parents a chance to connect with one another, for parents and teachers to gather, and students to showcase their learning progress to date.

All School Open House: This serves as our major admissions event where we invite prospective families in to tour the facility, meet the Faculty, and review curriculum. We double this as a night for current families to attend as well, adding the flavor of the school community to the evening.

Music Concerts: During the year we look forward to 3 seasonal concerts — Grandparents Day in the fall, Christmas in the winter, and one final concert in the spring named usually for the drama being presented. All our music groups, as well as special music by various students, highlight the evening.

Spring Drama Presentation: The spring play is put on by the High School Drama Team which practices each week during Delayed Opening on Thursdays. Past plays include classics such as Little Women, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

Pre-K Mother’s Tea: The Pre-K students invite their mothers in for a special tea towards the end of the year to celebrate the achievements of our youngest students. Mrs. Bishop and the kids also host this special event to express gratitude to their moms.

Graduations: At the end of the year, students in the following grades graduate onto the next grade with the marker of a formal ceremony — Kindergarten, 5th Grade, 8th Grade, 12th Grade. Family and friends are invited to celebrate this milestone with them as we highlight the student’s achievement.

Student Events

A student at Concord Christian Academy will experience academic learning as well as community building opportunities. God made us for relationship with Him and others; therefore we want our students to have the full opportunity to grow in both of these areas. For that purpose, we build in times for fun and growth inside and outside the classroom. Through these experiences students learn who they are, and what God made them for, as well as how to value the world of others around us and how to operate there.

Camp Sentinel Retreat: An overnight experience and daytime retreat for our Middle and High School at the beginning of the year, this serves as a relational and spiritual kick-off to the year ahead. The experience includes music, worship/bible study, games, and team building activities.

Pep Rallies and Sports Events: Students build camaraderie when they play together and cheer each other on. The experience of team builds discipline, unity and the challenge to stay steady in humility and character through winning and losing.

Seasonal Celebrations: These include, but are not limited to Harvest Party, Homecoming Dance, Snow Ball Dance, Thanksgiving Breakfast, Christmas Parties, High School Square Dance, Middle School Sledding Party, etc. These are meant for corporate fun but also provide training in planning and preparation for Student Council members and helpers.

Spirit Week: Each day is titled with a different theme that students and faculty honor in their attire for the day. Examples include Career Day, Decade Day, Pajama Day, Beach Day, Duct Tape Day, Sports Day, Spirit Day, Character Day, Funny Hair Day, etc. Students have freedom to dress as they’d like (while honoring the neatness and modesty code) and can earn awards by their peers for best dressed, etc.

Junior/Senior Prom: This end of the year event provides a special formal gathering for our Juniors and Seniors. They of course dress up, have a nice dinner and enjoy fun activities with a supervised dance floor with approved music. It’s an honorable, fun event for everyone.

Field Day: The Elementary School loves to participate in outside obstacle course and other physical challenge events. For some events they work as teams, others they compete as individuals. Either way, these are memorable times for them.

Senior Class Trip: Our Seniors work hard as they push towards their Graduation day. Senior Trip is a final opportunity for the class to be a group off campus, away from school stress and reminders of the significant changes that are upon them. They are well chaperoned and given input into the location and flavor of the event.

Senior Auction & Servant Day: These are 2 connected events that support the raising of funds for the Senior Trip each year. The seniors go up for bid among the students/faculty/staff who bid on them in exchange a day of physical labor service. They can be put to work detailing a car, windows, cooking, cleaning a classroom, hauling wood, you name it. We have a lot of innocent fun with it!

Spiritual Emphasis Weeks: Two weeks of the year for both the Elementary/Middle School and separately for the High School, we provide Spiritual Emphasis Week. In the lower/middle school category a team from Coastlands Consultants provides the spiritual content and leadership for the week, admonishing the students in music and lesson over a particular theme for the week. Similarly for the High School we focus on a theme and with music as well as guidance by a special speaker, we disciple students to apply God’s truths in their lives in a distinctive way.

Weekly Chapel: Once a week all our students experience Chapel. In the Elementary School this involves a visit from a special speaker who addresses a pertinent topic or shares with them about a mission or ministry that is making difference for Christ in the world every day.

In the Middle/High School we provide a combination of instruction with small group discussion so they have the opportunity to consider personally what they are hearing in a format that allows for questions and application. Music is always a big component of our Chapel service – contemporary songs led by the guest, our Spiritual Formation Coordinator, or the Worship Team.

Holiday Convocations: For the Chapel just before Veteran’s Day, Christmas Day or Easter we do a special Chapel to commemorate these events highlighting what they mean to us as Christ Followers, as well as people of freedom both spiritually and physically spoken.

LeaderCast:  We were invited to attend LeaderCast, a very special leadership conference put on by Chick-fil-A. It hosts thousands of students and adults both live and via satellite, providing access to some of the best speakers discussing topics related to organizational leadership, self-motivation, business acuity, faith and conviction and personal character.

High School Service Week: In the spring of each year, our High School students serve for one week in the community. They choose from 5 trip locations that range from local to regional to out-of-state to international. The power of living out the mission of service that they hear about nearly every day fleshes out a living faith that has a significant impact on the students both corporately and individually.

Celebrated Achievements: We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and therefore urge the students forward towards with the following awards at various levels of achievement: Junior/Senior weekly privilege, Independent Reading; no discipline warnings; end-of-the-year academic, character, and class awards; seasonal athletic awards, etc.