Student Life

Student Government

Our High School Student Council is comprised of 2 elected individuals from the 11th or 12th grade, 2 Class Representatives from each grade (9th-12th), and 2 Faculty advisors. The elected officers fulfill the roles of President and Vice President. and their duties include the following: (1) To provide spiritual direction and encouragement for the student body, (2) To set a Christian example for the student body, (3) To provide an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, (4) To be a liaison between the students and the Faculty, (5) To plan activities and social events that will promote school unity, school spirit, and service to the Lord.

The High School Student Council meets weekly and attendance is mandatory. In addition they are to carry out any assigned duties, attend a Leadership conference as arranged by the school administration, may be asked to lead a devotional, and represent their classmates in an honorable way. All Student Council members at all times are expected to exhibit a humble and meek spirit of gentlemanly and womanly character and service to the body of Christ.