Student Life


chapel1-copyThe greatest desire of Concord Christian Academy is to see students come to a greater understanding and knowing relationship with Jesus Christ. Teachers strive to see hearts changed through hours spent mentoring, directing, praying, and working alongside students. Administration, faculty, and staff take great care as they couple faith and learning so that service may overflow from the working and empowering of God’s Spirit in and through the lives of the students.

Chapels are developmentally appropriate and fulfill an important role in the school’s Christian culture. The elementary school gathers weekly for worship and character-building-themed chapels. One highlight of the chapel program is the twice-a-year Spiritual Emphasis Week featuring daily chapels and special class activities centered around a weekly theme.

The middle school and high school join together weekly for chapel as well. Pastors from area churches and gifted speakers share in the teaching of our older students. In addition, our seniors share their projects during semester two as part of the chapel program. Interspersed during the month are mentoring groups divided by grade and gender.