Sport Teams & Clubs

Athletics Is a Vital Part of the Academy Community

Concord Christian Academy is building integrity and modeling service on and off the field. Students develop Christ-like character as they are taught the real purpose in working together as a team, displaying proper attitude and conduct, and accountability for their actions in the framework and heat of competition. This has been witnessed on many occasions as the Academy has been noted for sound playing practices, such as opening prayer at competitions, and service on the field of play to injured opponents.

Athletics is a vital part of the Academy community as evident by the quality of our sports program in proportion to the size of our school. Our athletes are rewarded and recognized for their athletic aptitude, academic discipline, and good sportsmanship.

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Sports Teams

The Academy offers NHIAA sanctioned HS Varsity boys and girls soccer, HS Varsity boys and girls basketball, cross country, HS Varsity boys and girls track and field, HS JV girls softball, and HS bass fishing. Additionally we offer sports for elementary and middle school including soccer, basketball, baseball, skiing and snowboarding, and archery and lacrosse club. 

In lower elementary grades, coaches focus on the fundamentals of the game: receiving, passing, and shooting. As young athletes develop, the emphasis of the program deepens in technique, technical training through conditioning and repetition, and correct technical execution – not just passing and shooting the ball but knowing when to pass, when to shoot.

Varsity Kingsmen soccer athletes are competitive, disciplined, and persistent. Additionally, they are known for their outstanding sportsmanship; Concord Christian Academy was the only high school in the entire state not to have a single yellow or red card in Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls soccer games during the 2012/2013 season and continue to receive this award annually.

  • Soccer (Aug-Nov)
  • Basketball (Nov-Feb)
  • Track (Mar-June)
  • Baseball (Mar-June)
  • Bass Fishing (Aug – June)

All Concord Christian Academy high school teams are sanctioned by the state association NHIAA.

  • High School Boys Varsity Soccer, basketball, track and field, baseball, bass fishing
  • High School Girls Varsity Soccer, basketball, track and field, bass fishing
  • Middle School 7/8 Co-Ed Soccer, girls and boys basketball teams, track and field
  • Elementary 5/6 Co-Ed Soccer, girls and boys basketball teams, track and field
  • Elementary 3/4 Co-Ed Soccer, girls and boys basketball
  • PreK, Kindergarten, Grades 1/2 Co-Ed Soccer, biddy basketball

All interested student athletes and parents are required to:

Cross Country is a new addition to our offerings and will run from August 19- Nov.1. The team will compete in minimally 10 meets and depending on individual rankings may or may not continue into the post season.

The Cross Country program helps athletes with conditioning, endurance, and speed. Running athletes are taught proper training, nutrition, safety, and motivation. Our athletes are focused on running towards the prize, and they build camaraderie with their peers in the process.

For More Information on any of our athletic programs, please contact Nancy Peters, Athletic Director.


Archery (3-high school)

Junior Olympic archery development program that provides archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition.

Gold Medal Running Club (3-5)

Fundamentals of track and field events (small equipment).

Lacrosse Club

Lacrosse is offered as a non-competitive activity designed to introduce and teach the basics and fundamentals of the game. It is our hope that in the future we may be able to offer a high school level lacrosse team by building from the elementary and middle school.


The Academy Ski Program is an opportunity for students to gain experience and training in skiing and snowboarding in a safe and social learning environment.

Operated through the Pats Peak Ski School program, Pats Peak provides Academy students educational and recreational winter challenges in downhill and cross country skiing, as well as snowboarding.

The program begins the first full week of January and runs for 5 consecutive weeks. Students depart by bus during lunchtime on Friday’s from the Academy and travel with adult chaperones to Pats Peak Ski Resort (LINK) return to the school for pick up at approximately 8:00 p.m. The cost schedule and other details about the program are available to families in October/November when students register.