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Public Disclosure of Organizational Financials

Concord Christian Academy operates under the guidelines of Biblical stewardship. That is, we recognize and acknowledge that we own nothing; that all things belong to and come from the hand of God, for us to manage, use and share. The very organization of Concord Christian Academy falls into that category as well as all of the tools and materials required to run the school.
In light of this, early on the Board made a firm commitment to maintain the school financials with a high standard of integrity and public accountability. It is therefore our practice to reveal all financials to the public via our website, or to anyone who asks to see them in hand. Anyone interested may at any time view the Auditors Report for the Academy, as well as our 990 Tax Forms. The documents are accessible in PDF form below. If you should have any questions, please call our office at 603-228-8888.

Tax ID Numbers and Documentation

Tax ID #: 20-5009013
Determination Letter

CCA Tax Form 990

June 2016 Tax Form 990
June 2015 Tax Form 990
June 2014 Tax Form 990
June 2013 Tax Form 990
June 2012 Tax Form 990
June 2011 Tax Form 990
June 2010 Tax Form 990
June 2009 Tax Form 990
June 2008 Tax Form 990
June 2007 Tax Form 990

CCA Audit Reports

June 2016 Audit Report
June 2015 Audit Report
June 2014 Audit Report
June 2013 Audit Report
June 2012 Audit Report
June 2011 Audit Report
June 2010 Audit Report
June 2009 Audit Report
June 2008 Audit Report
June 2007 Audit Report